Registration for our upcoming 2018 Spring/Summer program will close the first week of April..

Before registering for the Spring/Summer Program, members are first required to become members of the USATF (United States Track & Field Association) before registering for our Program.  Go to the USATF membership link  - fill in all of the requested info for an individual membership - BE ABSOLUTELY SURE TO AFFILIATE YOUR MEMBERSHIP WITH THE WALTHAM TRACK CLUB  (Our Club # is  55).   Also be sure that the info you enter is for that of your child, not you the parent.  Once you submit your online application, you will be instantly assigned a membership number.  The cost for a USATF Youth membership is $20.

Once each member has his/her  USATF number, you can then register for our Clun via our familyid link    You will then enter your USATF number on our familyid registration – there is a specific area for doing so.

We hope to be able to offer three sessions per week, Sundays at 5:00 and Mondays and Thursdays at 6:00.  Sundays and Thursdays are definite.  Mondays, however, will be included only if we get enough parents to sign up to be coaches so that we can cover all three nights.  We strongly encourage parents to consider becoming a coach.  It is really simple and requires no previous knowledge or experience with coaching or with the sport – we will teach you all that you need to know.  Many parents are interested, but tend to be intimidated by the title – there’s no need to be – it’s really much simpler than you may think.

The Spring Program is currently scheduled to start on Sunday, April 22 and continue every Sunday, Monday ?? and Thursday thereafter through June 3.  As in the past, the first two weeks will be dedicated to instruction and practice of events – members learn and get try all events offered.  Then we will provide competitions each night, starting on Sunday, May 6 and continuing through JUNE 3.

We will also be encouraging members to do the NE Jr Olympic age group meet on June 16 at Fitchburg State College.  Members who have done this event in past years have enjoyed and benefitted from the experience and often achieve huge personal records via the competition. 

All Spring Program members are automatically eligible to participate in our Summer Competition Program – all members need to do is inform us of their interest.

There will be a mandatory parent’s meeting on Sunday, March 18, at 5:00, at the Kennedy Middle School (655 Lexington St., Waltham).